This hackathon spans Friday, January 29th to Sunday, January 31st. Submissions should be made by 10:59am ET on Sunday, January 31st.


Any undergraduate or graduate Columbia students, as well as faculty members, registered for DevFest may participate. Prizes will not be divided amongst group members beforehand.

Each team MUST have 1 – 4 members.

Submission Criteria

This hackathon has an open topic. That is, your submission does not need to abide by any categories, as long as it fulfills the Submission Requirements. That being said, we strongly encourage your hack to fulfill the criteria in Prizes & Winner Selection.


Participants are required to submit complete and incomplete code on DevPost, with a description about the problem the hack is solving. Unfinished products are also welcome to be judged. Your app or product is not exclusively required to function, but this will be a great plus for judges!

See Submission Requirements for more information.

Submission Rights & Display

Sponsors reserve the right to view the submission documents and code provided on DevPost and use the participants' names and projects in future DevFest websites.

Prizes & Winner Selection

Prizes will be determined by the judges outlined on on the basis of completenesscapability of solving a real-world problem, and creativity.


See below for our official code of conduct.

Code of Conduct